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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any eco-friendly products?

Kleer-Guard is committed to green innovation and producing eco-friendly products at affordable prices. We offer a number of eco-friendly products. Click here to view our line of eco-friendly products.

Where can I buy Kleer-Guard items?

At this time we only sell a select number of Kleer-Guard items direct to the consumer. These items can be purchased online at Lowe's, Amazon, and Sam's Club. We do not sell Kleer-Guard on our website. Please contact us to become a distributor of Kleer-Guard products.

What items are essential for every move?

Kleer-Guard product fan favorites that we suggest for any moving, storage or home renovation project are:

Click here to view all our product categories.

How do I build the glass and kitchen kit?

Video coming soon.

How can I become a distributor of Kleer-Guard products?

Please contact us directly if you are interested in wholesale purchasing.

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I have a pillow top mattress, do you have a mattress bag that will fit my mattress?

Kleer-Guard offers a full range of mattress bags from standard, pillow top to extra deep. Click here to view our lines of mattress bags

Stretch Wrap

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Why Kleer-Guard? 

Kleer-Guard's product line makes any move easy and efficient! Designed to work as a system, our products help to organize, move, store and protect® all your valuables. 

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