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Don’t let packing be the most dreaded task on your checklist - Kleer-Guard® has you covered! Our high-quality line of moving and storage products, designed to work together as a system, makes your move easy and efficient!

As a leader in the moving industry, Kleer-Guard® offers cost-effective, innovative products that allow for easy transportation and superior protection of your possessions.

Kleer-Guard Gets You Moving!

Our stretch products feature a high-performance, multi-layer stretch film that provides superior protection with less waste.

• Easy to dispense tension control handle

• Film sticks only to itself, leaving no residue behind

• Great alternative to tape

• Binds, groups and attaches items to one another

A must-have for any move! Our mattress bags, offered in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and sustainable options (made with 40% recycled content), are the easiest way to protect your mattress during a move.


Moving Tip! 

  • Assess what types of packing materials are needed before you move to eliminate extra trips to the store.

  • Remain organized by labeling all boxes with their destination, fragility, and contents.  

  • Gauge the amount of space required for transport or storage to minimize delays on moving day.


For more moving tips, check out Organize, Store, Protect.

Pack smart from the start.

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Why Kleer-Guard? 

Kleer-Guard's product line makes any move easy and efficient! Designed to work as a system, our products help to organize, move, store and protect® all your valuables. 

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