Protecting your valuables from damage is critical during any move. Kleer-Guard® offers a full line of high-quality products designed to deliver a worry-free experience.


As a leader in the moving and storage industry, Kleer-Guard® offers solutions to help protect your valuables and keep them clean from dust, dirt and spills. Unique, patent-pending features help provide superior protection.

Packing Never Felt So Good!

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Whether you use it to wrap breakables or fill open space in a box, our packing paper is eco-friendly and essential for EVERY move.

Easy to put on, our re-usable covers are designed to help protect your furnishing from dust, dirt and debris.

Moving Tip! 

Pack strategically.
  • Don’t under or overpack boxes; pack boxes that are easy to lift.

  • Fill extra space in a box with packing paper to add stability and avoid it from collapsing.

  • Take pictures of how electronics, cabinets or other items you take apart go back together before disassembling.


  • Load the boxes you need last into the truck to make them easily accessible upon arrival.


For more moving tips, check out Organize, Move, Store.

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Why Kleer-Guard? 

Kleer-Guard's product line makes any move easy and efficient! Designed to work as a system, our products help to organize, move, store and protect® all your valuables. 

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