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Whether you’re moving locations, renting a storage unit, or staying organized during a renovation, Kleer-Guard® has all your temporary storage needs covered!

As a leader in the industry, our Kleer-Guard® products offer custom-designed storage solutions like mattress bags, furniture covers and moving kits that all help organize and protect valuables against dust, dirt, and spills.

Kleer-Guard Gets You Moving!

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Prevent moisture migration between surfaces and any items placed on top of the liner.


Offered in convenient-sized strips, Kleen-Shield® storage liners work well in storage units, basements, garages, sheds, moving trucks or any other storage area.

RGSK_Glass Storage Set - In Use

Easy, convenient and affordable, our kits take the guesswork out of packing and contain a variety of materials that protect and organize your valuables.

  • Assure storage area temperature remains consistent and dry. Erratic temperature changes can trap moisture, affect packing materials and destroy valuables.

  • Use a floor liner to prevent moisture migration between surfaces and any items placed on top of the liner.


  • Store items that reside in the same room near each other and separate out anything you will need in the immediate future.​​


For more moving tips, check out OrganizeMoveProtect.

Store safely and securely.

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Why Kleer-Guard? 

Kleer-Guard's product line makes any move easy and efficient! Designed to work as a system, our products help to organize, move, store and protect® all your valuables. 

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